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Cry On High


Jeff Wisbey, Gary Ooley, Tim Huber - Cry On High

Jeff Wisbey,   Gary Ooley,   Tim Huber

Cry On High is a band of long-time musical friends,

Jeff, Gary and Tim were swayed by Chicago blues, Motown and Philly soul, St. Louis jazz, Nashville country music and the British invasion.

"We grew up in the middle of Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis, and Nashville".....

"We were in the middle of a lot of great music". Some call it 'fly over country', but we had an abundance of great musical influences".

"We don't stick to one specific music genre. We simply write and record the songs we'd like to hear, Americana music or what some
call 'roots rock'".

Cry On High - Music To Drive By


10-song CD


6-song CD

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