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Jeff Wisbey


Jeff Wisbey

"It was the sound of British invasion; the Beatles,  Stones, Who, Yardbirds, Philly soul, Memphis, I liked it all. They were some of my influences."

"I liked Ricky Nelson and James Burton on Ozzie and Harriet before that." 

"I listened to the radio a lot. I liked writing songs and songwriters like; Lennon & McCartney, Brian Wilson,

 Holland, Dozier, and Holland, Todd Rundgren, Donald Fagen, Jim Webb, Bob Gaudio, Tom Waits and more - too many to mention.

"When I was 13, I got a red Harmony Roy Smeck model double pickup electric guitar for Christmas, but I didn't get an amplifier..."

"So I disconnected the needle to my dad's record player and soldered a guitar jack to the wires. I plugged in my guitar and suddenly there was this big sound. That was all it took."

"Sometime later, my dad bought me an amp, and told me to hook his record player back up."

In February, 2011, Jeff was inducted into the Wabash Valley Musician's Hall Of Fame.


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